(Oh!) Dear Dora – My Best Friend Is In Love With A Creep


It is hard to date a creep. Even if they are as hilarious as The Lonely Island.

Hi! I’m Peach by the way. I know this is so random. But I saw your post the other night and maybe it’s just me feeling extra vulnerable. But here goes.
Anyway, I hope that you won’t think I’m some sort of 15-year-old cliche. In fact, I have tried so hard not to be, but anyway.
There is this guy that I really like from school. He is a little older and the type that pretends he’s from another world or something. But you know, girls really dig those stuff or at least in High School. I ended up liking him too.
I’ve never had a boyfriend, so my best friend was in all out support. She’s more outgoing so she made it a point to talk to this guy to get to like me or something.
Long story short, I ended up not liking this guy anymore, because as it turns out he’s a total creep but now, my best friend is in love with him or something and it’s only because she doesn’t know him the way I know him.
How do I tell her that he’s not worth her time?
He’s not the worst but I just don’t think they’ll be okay together. And my best friend is really sensitive nowadays.

Thanks for listening,


Hi Peach!

Boy problems always suck. I’ve been 15-year-old once too and I can assure you I have behaved the same way as you and you’re other friends in school are behaving right now. Needless to say, I’ve had my fair share of being a cliche but it doesn’t mean that it’s bad. It’s something that you definitely have to go through and people handle it differently, some better than others, but I’m pretty sure everyone has had their share of friend-crush drama.

You never did got around to telling me how this guy turned out to be a creep. But assuming you went out with this guy and found it out first hand, I’m sure you already shared the experience with your best friend. Maybe she already has a general idea of this ex-crush of yours which most likely means she has already made up her mind about liking this guy.

I know that you’re only concern is keeping your best friend safe and you instinctively feel protective of her. And I definitely know the conflict of being a concerned friend and not look like a jealous ‘frenemy’. At this point, I think the best way for you to handle the situation is to ask her why she likes this guy without having to look like your interrogating her which would make her feel like your questioning her taste. Maybe she likes this guy for an entirely different reason as you did or any of the other girls in your school for that matter. And maybe, and hopefully, this guy is not as creepy as you think, especially with your best friend.

The important thing is to maintain you friendship with your best friend. I think it’s cool that you care for her, but like you, she has her own growing up to do. There is always a fine line when it comes to taking care of our friends, and not unless she’s in any immediate physical danger, maybe you should give this creepy guy a chance.

I hope you and your best friend reach a compromise where you can get to know this guy all over again, but now as someone as your best friend is dating. I hope everything works fine in the end. Until then, try to enjoy being 15! Hope this helped.

Always be a kind human!

❤ Dora



  1. That’s such great advice…I mean, in general, that’s such a great conversation between you two. It makes me feel embarrassed about the random emails I was planning to send you (which were NOT going to consist of messages of “HAY GURL” and pictures of stuff like http://imgur.com/gallery/ncSWF9D). Yay for making the robot heart beat and I definitely am looking forward to more.


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