Happening At Present – Hogwarts Library


I’ll be loving you-oh oh forever

I am soooo pumped! I just received word that I am now the proud owner of the Hogwarts Library box set! I know, I should calm down. But you know what? I’m not going to calm down. Actually, as I type this, I am moon walking in celebration.




    1. Harry Potter? Definitely! To share how much of a dork I am. I created this trivia game, where I pool Potter related questions and have different categories. And then I’d invite friends and I plan to sort them to houses and would call the party a triwizard cup. Haha. But none would come. Womp womp.


      1. Oh man, that reminds me of high school, when I created this student club called Potter Ring. We were supposed to be a “fellowship” who read and analyze the HP and LOTR books together. I managed to force a friend to join, but that was it. Needless to say, she never wanted to do any of the club activities I planned out. But I just had the perfect idea…you can join my club, and as club members, we will play your game.


      2. Haha. A two woman club? Right on? I’ve been trying to get my friends to read LOTR with me. But they’re not having it. Man that would be so rad dissecting the LOTR books. But that’s a heavy weight. I’m finally getting a new copy of Silmarillion this October so that’s something I have to dive into. Man, what I would do to have a Tolkien club. I want to be an expert in Tolkien sooo bad.


      3. I have the Silmarillion! I also have a book called “The Languages of Tolkien’s Middle-Earth” that I got as a gift…as much as I’m a Tolkien fan though, I didn’t spend much time with it. I was having enough trouble getting past my language class at the time in school that I didn’t have time to go pick up a second or third (imaginary) language.


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