Let All Introverts Unite!!! (Extroverts Are Welcome Too But Mostly To Fill Awkward Silences)

Hello gorgeous ladies and fine gentlemen! In case you didn’t know I have this thing called a Facebook page (?). I’m not entirely sure how it works but it looks like a good place to talk and know more about you wonderful people. I actually prefer meeting over a few bottles of beers, but as I don’t like to wear pants and put on a bra, I think Facebook is a good way to compensate. Yeah?!

We can also have discussions and AMA and I think it’s a good way to promote people! Let all the introverts unite!! Extroverts are welcome too of course, mostly to drag us off our bed.

58314-Louis-CK-on-Toilet--aka-Reddit-s5dzSo if you like to talk about anything and everything, click on that Louis C.K. pooping in the toilet!!

Don’t forget to be a kind human!






  1. I don’t keep a facebook account anymore or else I’d so join. :/ Also, I always love finding people that support the NO PANTS lifestyle. I used to tell my friends that we need to lie more so that our pants would be set on fire. I thought it was a good idea…


    1. High five to the no pants lifestyle! If you don’t have a facebook account where else can we virtually enjoy each other’s company? I have recently revived my old Twitter and to be honest, my facebook is also fairly new.


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