Happening At Present – More Ideas!!


Hey children! Thanks so much for the immense out pour of love that you show through likes and follows. Good job in making my robot heart feel…things. Although I’m not sure what brought you here and I’d like to know. Maybe you can help me out?

Besides the stuff that I already post in this blog, I’m thinking of talking about more stuff I really like, like music, and videos, and movies, and books and other pop culture-y stuff but it might make this blog a little messy. So maybe we can compile those in one bunch? Maybe a post once a week for everything?

In the next week I may start a new “series” that maybe you’d like to participate in in the near future. I’ve always wanted to start something like this and it does involve those 2 emails I mentioned a few posts ago. And maybe once I’ve actually begin this more emails (hopefully) will keep coming. But at anytime you can email me at dora.argh@gmail.com.

50 Shades of Grey blog is still on going – we’re in Chapter 16 guys! – it’s been mostly hell and shitty dialogue, but if you want to hop on board that BDSM train you can check the blog here.

Weird Wednesdays of course are still a thing, and I think a lot of you mostly enjoy. I’m going to keep those coming. And if you’re behind the Weird Wednesdays posts are here.

I was actually thinking of creating a poll. But I think this post mostly says it all? My ideas are a lot clearer once they’ve been typed.

So yeah, that’s it. You can all move along now.



  1. I’m for you sharing more stuff you like! I was led to your blog by a post like that anyway, from an Attack on Titan post.

    My blog has so many big categories that I often worry about it getting too messy. I actually tried out the whole separate-blog-per-category thing and honestly, managing 5 different blogs was a serious biatch and a half. So I just consolidated everything into my main blog in hopes that the use of the “categories” function will make things less insane. It’s been working out so far, but I noticed that I’ve been less willing to post “life” style updates on my main blog with so much going on it now…it’s quite a drawback but I hope to work on that soon.

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    1. Yeah. I think that’s why I separated my 50 Shades Blog. But I think if this blog turns out to be a little messy, because I am that in a way.
      I say, keep posting about the stuff you love. When I was growing up, I felt so out of place because I always felt I was alone in to liking this and that things so the internet has been haven for me.
      Maybe you can put up posts that is similar to mine and we can mesh the two together. Make sure to keep me posted with your stuff. Sometimes I dont get to see them on the dash because I mostly open wordpress while Im at work. 🙂


      1. That is the reason why I practically lived on the internet in high school, and also why I still keep a blog today! Besides, no one is paying me to maintain my blog so I figured I’ll do what I want with it. I’m still working on incorporating more regular updates and seeing where that takes me. I would love it if we could do some collabs. 🙂 Oh! That reminds me …where are you in Attack on Titan? I know I’ll jump in on a discussion on that any day.


      2. Yeah! Blogging should be fun and random even if you are being paid for it! I am all in making collabs. If you’re not in Facebook, how else should we talk to each other? We should chat!
        I have 3 episodes left of Attack On Titan. Are you done? I can’t wait to see your review. Make sure to hit me with a link. 🙂 I will finish it on time of your discussion so I could avoid spoilers.


      3. I definitely remember watching most of the episodes. I don’t remember where exactly I left off, but I know that I switched over to reading the manga because new episodes were not being put out quick enough for me to watch them at that time. I will figure out where I’m at and let you know! I’ll also let you know when I get a post up on it as well. 🙂


      4. Yeah sure! I have 3 episodes left. Sadly, I can’t get any of the mangas from any of the bookstores here. But the show has been fun and there are news that a movie will come out.

        I’m guessing you’re also a Deathnote fan?


      5. Yes, you’ve correctly have pegged me as a Deathnote fan. I also like Code Geass, which has a very similar concept.

        Do you watch much anime in general? ALSO…did you watch that ultra sad/touching youtube video I sent you? You thought I forgot about it huh…. hahaha 😉


      6. I grew up watching a lot of anime. Like Sailor Moon, Slam Dunk, Ghostfighter, Hunter X, Samurai X, etc. Oh and of course Dragonball Z!!!
        But at the moment I haven’t been watching a lot of anime. Just Attack on Titan.
        Oh man! I totally forgot about that video. I’d have to go back to that and report back to you. Haha! At the soonest promise!


      7. We have some anime in common! I only watched a bit of DBZ growing up – there wasn’t much of a selection on tv when I was a kid. But I did end up watching some of the oldies when I got older, so I do love Hunter x Hunter, Rurouni Kenshin / Samurai X, DBZ, One Piece and others. I watched an insane amount during college but now I’ve dipped down to only Fairy Tail. I do try to keep up with the anime community to see what’s new every season so that’s how I picked up on Attack on Titan. 🙂


      8. One of the best things about growing up in the Philippines is we got to watch a lot of Japanese shows. Aside from anime, I watched a lot of tokusatsu shows. I havent been watching a lot of anime nowadays.
        I’m more inclined to watch sitcoms. But I can’t pass up on Attack on Titan.


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