Happening At Present – Random Thoughts

Stuff that I’ve been thinking about in the last hours:


– I’m really happy that a Deadpool movie is coming out (February 2016) because I’m not at all a big comic book nerd (but I wish I was!) but I don’t know what I feel about Ryan Reynolds. OK fine, I’ll take it but I’m not that too happy about it. I’m sure I’ll change my mind soon after.

– I want to dye my hair black. Like really black, like my natural hair color that I can’t get back to. For some reason, my hair decided to grow back to some brownish-blackish color after being colored red (and various other colors).



– Besides dyeing my hair black, I’m thinking of cutting it really short again. Like Maggie Gylenhaal in Frank, which I think is gleaned from Karen O of the Yeah Yeah Yeah’s. Actually, I’m pretty sure Maggie is just playing a slightly more mental Karen O.

– My butt looks really nice and lady like in this slacks that I’m wearing and no one else notices. Maybe I should walk around more? Or are they just too scared to acknowledge the cuteness of my butt?

– Dark chocolates are definitely for older people.

– The shoes I’m wearing smells kind of funky. But I think my butt compensates for that.

– I was busy the entire morning so U get to complain about work when I get home.



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