Letters To Future Me – Ideas and YouTube

Dear Future Me,

Besides a podcast I am seriously considering, actually re-considering as we have thought about this before, creating a YouTube channel.

I had this idea for a YouTube show back in 2007. I was still in college and YouTube’s uses for me limits to Music Videos, because MTv refuses to show them anymore apparently, and Movie Trailers.

Then I came across a video “suggested” to me then my mind was blown because YouTube isn’t just home to grainy “fail” videos that they can’t submit to Bob Saget anymore, but also a place where untapped talent exists.

The first YouTube channel – and at this time, I was completely unaware that you can subscribe to a channel – I was hooked to was Michelle Phan’s beauty channel. I think it was a video of her curling her hair with paper bags. Back then she was filming at maybe her front porch and now she has her own company and 6 million subscribers.

But the real eye opener for me was this channel called Happy Slip. It’s run by this actress Christina Gambito, where she makes funny sketches about her Filipino family and their life in America and I think to myself, “I could also do that!”

I then started writing sketches but did not end up doing the channel because A. I don’t have the equipment B. I don’t have an internet connection (I survived years without internet) C. I didn’t know how to edit. I may have various other reasons. The same reasons why I keep holding back on the things that I would like to do.

Since then YouTube has come a long way. Sometimes I think, it’s already too late to start a YouTube channel. It also does not help that there are a buttload of people on YouTube who are as young as 16-19 and already super ahead with like million subscribers.

Yeah, but I’ve thought about it again. I don’t think I’d be doing it for the sake of competing anyway, or much less, fame. Maybe I just want to do it because I can and I think it will be really funny in the long run.

So yeah, that’s something else to look forward too. Already started writing some stuff.

P.S. Update this with your YouTube link once you’ve managed to create one. How do we feel about doing video content?



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