Letters To Future Me – How To Parent

Dear Future Me,

I was this kid. I was the kid who traded all her bright colored shirts to black. My parents thought I was weird. But they kept buying me black clothes anyway. When I finally reached the end of my goth/emo/sweaty pits phase, I started wearing pink. And my mom was like, “OK, time to start to buying you pink clothes then.”

I’m not saying everyone goes through these “phases” or exits these “phases”. Some people stick to something for the rest of their lives. My parents never painted our house black but they didn’t reprimand me for being a weirdo-just be the total opposite of everyone else-either. And that is saying something because my parents are a conservative very Catholic Asian couple.

By the time I was in my Senior year in High School and was about to leave for college, my dad suggested that I can finally dye my hair pink like Gwen Stefani like in the Ex-Girlfriend music video and get a tatoo or a piercing. That was his way of saying, I trust you and your choices. That trust meant so much to me. And I did dye my hair pink-although it looked nothing like Gwen- and my dad was super thrilled when he saw my picture.

I don’t think I’ll ever have kids but If I do, I would totally paint our house black if that would make my kid feel better.

P.S. Please update if we end up having kid/s. How’s being a parent like? Are there zombies yet?


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