Attack On Titan Is Ruining My Life – NO SPOILERS~!


Okay kids, just a quick post. I’m watching Attack On Titan right now, which if you if you haven’t heard of already is an anime show that can be ranked alongside Game of Thrones in inducing anxiety. I am already born loaded with anxiety, so what better way to decrease my chances of living to a 100 by watching humans get eaten by strange giant idiots. Right?! Clearly I have my life in order.


I am going to make a separate post/review about this show (if I’m still alive after season 1), just taking a break after episodes to let some of “the feels” out.

AND…If you happen to come across this post and is already a fan of the show, hit me with some likes so I can follow you and maybe we can form a support group and talk about the traumas that only good anime can provide.

BUT(t)…NO SPOILERS PLEASE! Don’t be that idiot person



      1. Well. I guess I did grow up with some anime. Dragon Ball, DBZ, Sailor Moon, Gundam, Pokemon, Yu-Gi-Oh, etc. But I liked them because they were good shows, I didn’t even register that they were anime programs


      2. Oh yeah same here. I never really referred to anime as anime until Naruto. But I was definitely raised watching Dragonball Z, Voltes V, Slam Dunk, Sailor Moon, yeah those were the oldies that felt like theyll go on forever.


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