Happening At Present – I got nominated for a LIEBSTER AWARD






The sweetest guy – David M Beecroft: author and blogger extraordinaire has nominated me for a Liebster Award! David, thank you for your continuous encouragement, by forms of likes and comments and reblogs. You are a true internet friend!

I have taken this nomination very seriously and that is saying something as I usually don’t take a lot of things seriously. And maybe that’s why my life is such a mess *cries in one corner*.

So a Liebster is an award given to blogger by bloggers. It’s a type of chain letter – and for people who were born after the 90’s, a chain letter is a type of message that emotionally manipulates, like really guilt trips you into passing on said message to 10 or more other people unless you want a loved one to die. We had no internet back then, this is how we entertained ourselves!

Back to the Liebster. It basically acts as a signal boost to whichever blog (ideally a newish blog or a blog with few followers) you feel people should be more aware of. And that is the sweetest thing. Like a chain letter, the Liebster has it’s own set of rules – that I hear change from time to time – that has to be followed along with passing on the nomination, ideally to the blogs you like/love. More about the Liebster here.

No one actually wins the award, I think. Just a sweet sweet way of telling someone, “I like you!” Only, since this is the internet, none of the awkward stroking of the cheek and getting shot down in the face.


Part of the rules of Liebster is to answer 11 questions provided by the blogger person who nominated you. David asked me the following:


Q1: Do you like tea?

Yes! But only if it’s with milk.

Q2: What are you having for dinner tonight?

Stale nachos and tea with questionable soy milk.

Q3: If you could have any super-power, what would it be?

To have the ability to blow up people’s computer if they plan to leave a racist/misogynistic/hateful/stupid/etc comment regardless of geographical location.

Q4: Do you?

Yes, I can do a triple axel jump in my sleep.

Q5: Why?

Because We Can – Barack Obama

Q6: How strong are you?

Strong enough to get up in the morning to go to work but not strong enough to resist a Snickers cheesecake.

Q7: What colour eyes do you have?

Asian Brown

Q8: How are you today?

Bleeding gums but dealing with it.

Q9: Snog, marry, ignore?

Snog Daniel Radcliffe. Marry Tom Hiddleston. Ignore Harry Styles, because he’s just too young for me although I don’t think I’m strong enough to ignore Harry Styles. Yes, I like English men.

Q10: What pet would you like to own?

A Hungarian Horntail or a Direwolf

Q11: What is the happiest you have ever been?

When I realized that no matter how shitty I get I will never be as worse as Hitler.

Also part of the rules is to provide 11 random facts about myself. Wow, this award is quite invasive.

1. English is not my first language. So any grammatical/spelling error in this post or in my entire blog is forgivable.

2. I have a diastema.

3. I don’t drive or would even want to.

4. I am a pizza eating champion, total of 15 pizza slices under 10 minutes. That sounds realistic right?!

5. I can do a British, American, Scottish, Irish, accent. No, they’re not that good.

6. Once in college, I ate nothing but McDonalds french fries for 2 weeks.

7. I like to eat my pizza cold.

8. I used to be the vocalist in a band that sing parodies of commercial jingles.

9. I can’t swim.

10. I have coulrophobia.

11. I watch at least 3 movies a night. Yup, I’m single.


So now I’ll be nominating 5 other people for the Liebster and since I’m a new kid and don’t know a lot of people here yet. I’m just going to select 5 blogs that follows my blog.

Wow. This has been and a lot of work.

OK I’m going to bend the rules a little bit and just nominate one blog at the moment, just so that I can go ahead and post this. So I’m nominating Optimistic Kid – His blog includes daily quotes of famous people! And hope he pass on this to another blogger/s.




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