Happening At Present – What Do I/You Want Me To Talk About?

Thank you for the followers who have been following. I always find it gratifying when someone, anyone, sees something that I wrote or posted and thought to themselves, “Yeah she seems normal enough”. So thank you, thank you.

On that note, I seem to be bursting of ideas for this blog. I have been blogging since I was 13 I feel like and I have since abandoned a lot of blogs over the years. Blogging can be tiring sometimes and when it’s so easy to get rid of by just clicking on the delete account button, you get to walk away scathe free. 

But I do want a certain regularity in my life. Jeez, I didn’t mean this to be a sappy post but I guess that’s where were heading…? Nah! I’m going to swerve.

So anyway, as I’ve said that I am cooking up stuff to hopefully make this blog a lot more interesting to me and to you too. I want to write posts about personal experiences, view points, entertainment, my life here in The Middle East, my culture, my country, my tastes, humor, dreams and aspirations, why I don’t want kids, how much I like kids, relationships, just so many ideas. 

If you happen to read this post, let me know what you think I should talk about. Thanks!


P.S. Here is a gif of stampeding corgis to (hopefully) lure you into (hopefully) reading this post 




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