American Horror Story – Coven

I know, I know, this show ended months ago. Which in internet time means years ago. But I finally managed to watch American Horror Story – Coven

The good thing about this series is the little amount of episodes you have to weed through (compared to most US TV series). This season (3) only had 13 episodes. Ominous perhaps. 

OK here’s my problem with American Horror Story in general, that also implies to this particular season. It almost always underwhelms me. I remember watching American Horror Story – Murder House for the first time, the opening sequence alone is some bad ass TV magic right there. By the time you’ve figured out who are ghosts and who are the real people, I don’t know, it just starts to go bland.

American Horror Story – Asylum, I can’t even finish watching this season. Just fell through.

I was pretty excited to start watching this season of AHS. The first episode is entitled Bitchcraft which got me all the more curious. There was a lot of blood, many props to that. But by the time the show nears it end, again it just fell flat. 

Over all, I still liked it, which is saying something. With the amount of great TV shows out there, American Horror Story is still in the running because they have the perfect weapon in the form of Jessica Lange

But as much as I love the original supreme, we all know the next one should have been Myrtle Snow right?



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