#53 – Spitfire Sarah Returns, Dale J. Gordon, Lotuscast, Dan Hoger

The Chris Brake Show guys gave me a shout out! Sarah is back!

Chris Brake Show Podcast

Spitfire Sarah returns from her massage school. Dale J. Gordon sends us an exclusive song from his recording session in Nashville. The Lotuscast calls in to talk about Sarah’s totally non-slutty cosplay costume at the Chicago Comic Con. And we also talk with Dan Hoger, the Wordsmith about the safety of e-cigarettes and something called “popcorn lung”.

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Chris Brake Show #53 - Spitfire Sarah Returns, Dale J. Gordon, Lotuscast, Dan Hoger


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      1. Ok cool. I will find you on Facebook. Thank you Dora. I think you would like the book. I have been nervous about talking about it as I think it has a twist and I am worried about someone stealing the idea. And you are a good friend. I am lucky to have met you.


      2. I know the feeling. I’ve been trying to write a book myself for a really long time now and I know how precious one gets over something that they’re passionate in. I would be honored to read your book.
        You can add me on facebook at dora.argh@gmail.com. It’s explicitly for WordPress and other Internet folks. 🙂


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