Nokia Lumia 1020

Hey WordPress denizens. Any of you own a Nokia Lumia 1020? I’m thinking of switching from android to this piece right here. I currently own a Samsung S3 and it’s been really good to me, but my mom is set for an upgrade and I thought I’d get her upgrade and hand her my S3 like any good and obedient child would. 



Besides Tumblr and WordPress, I mostly use my phone to read e-books. Actually, that’s all I use my phone for really. I don’t really see the point of having an ipad or a tablet if I already have a smartphone, so do you guys think that this Nokia Lumia is a big enough phone for reading e-books?

I am however daunted of having to switch to a Windows phone. Is there much difference? I hope you guys can lay off the technical jargon because I process that like how I process algebraic equations, which is I don’t. 

I really like Nokia and have always preferred them and have always used a Nokia phone, with the exception of my current S3. I hope I can get some of your opinions. 🙂


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