Leaked Nude Photos are Just the Beginning

I guess by now you’ve already seen the infamous nude photos of celebrities that we’re said to be leaked by an anonymous hacker. Or maybe you didn’t. You saw them or you didn’t, this is a serious matter. 

A “friend” in Facebook posted a news link saying that the FBI is now involved in the investigation of the said leaked photos. Her caption appalled me. She said that celebrities dealing with leaked nude photos of themselves doesn’t warrant the FBI’s help. That they are not as important as the issues of hunger, theft, murder and domestic violence. That they took a picture of themselves naked so they should be responsible for them getting leaked. That they are camwhores. It goes on. 

My thing is this. Privacy is a matter of security. The people who did this to those celebrities, they are sending a message that they can do that to anyone. “It doesn’t matter if you’re an award winning actress, I can ruin you.” Doesn’t that terrify you one single bit. 

When we tell ourselves that the person to blame is the one being publicly shamed, we are blaming the victim. When we tell someone not to take naked pictures of themselves unless you want them leaked, it’s a threat to their freedom. This issue is not limited to leaked nude photos. It can go far and beyond as personal data, medical history, office records, and worse government information. 

So yes, this is as important as any other crime. When our own privacy is compromised we become afraid to live our lives. 




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