Happening At Present – Blogging 50 Shades of Grey

I think I’ve developed a love-hate relationship with this book. I am scared for my own sanity.  I make sure that I don’t make any rash decisions while I’m undertaking this project but so far, reading and talking about 50 Shades has resulted to a confused belief that E.L. James really had no idea what she was talking about when she wrote her book. It looked like she was trying so hard to convince herself that it was something people would actually read.

I mean good for her man. She sold so many books. What the people who bought the books and “read” it got from it is still inconclusive. I refuse to acknowledge that “fastest selling paperback” means “good book”. But again, good for her. 

While involved with this project, I have come across articles relating to 50 Shades of Grey. This is by far the most disturbing. So apparently, Planned Parenthood has decided that 50 Shades of Grey is a recommended read to young girls to learn about sex. 

The non-profit, pro-life Catholic group Live Action has covertly recorded counselors at Planned Parenthood telling girls as young as 15 that they should read Fifty Shades of Grey because “it’s pretty good” and it’s “a big eye-opener” regarding sex. One counselor was reportedly recorded as saying that the book may be “extreme,” but regarding the sex in the book, “If it’s consensual, again, completely normal.”

Make that what you will. A publicity stunt for the upcoming movie? Sheer stupidity? I don’t know. 

What interesting thing that I realized while reading and blogging about 50 Shades is that, I never got the sex talk from my parents. Sex Ed wasn’t taught in our schools. And I turned out just fine. I have a healthy view of what sex is and learned to respect boundaries. Both mine and everyone else’s. That’s what good parenting does to you. I can’t stress that enough. And if you’d been reading the book vicariously through  the blog, then you’d know that Ana Steele (the female protagonist/sex-slave in the books) had no proper parenting at all. 

50 Shades is not about sex. Well not all about sex. It’s about a girl who has the wrong idea about what love is. But if you’re curious to know if there is anything that you can learn from it, sex wise, that you can apply in real life, then read the book along with me. Or don’t. 


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