The Double 2013

I’m a fan of Richard Ayoade. He’s genuinely funny. You know, the kind of guy who says something serious like, “I have cancer and I have only 6 months to live” but everyone thinks of it as a joke and laughs. *sigh* I am Richard Ayoade. Not as funny though but the thought of me, dying, is hilarious to most people. 

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Ayoade is primarily a comedian (watch The I.T Crowd!). But he’s a serious director. Have you seen Submarine? You should. Especially if you like weird and awkward. The shots are so good. It’s the type of coming-of-age film you can relate to. 

But what I’m on about is his latest movie The Double. Have you seen The Double? To be honest, it felt like I didn’t see it all. I know I watched it, but the whole thing felt like a fever dream. Wikipedia tells me the movie exists so I’m not crazy. 

The Double is weird. The Double is a type of movie that seems complicated but uncomplicated. Maybe I should tell you more about this film. Jesse Eisenberg plays this guy, Simon James. Simon, is in all accounts a loser, or a push over, that sounds a more favorable term. He works in a data entry type of job that pulls statistics and information that is supposed to improve one’s business. He loves his job, he’s good at it. But he sucks at everything else. He’s inarticulate, a coward, and timid. It’s so frustrating to watch but you still love him because Jesse Eisenberg’s jawline is gorgeous. 

He has been pining on this girl Hannah (Mia Wasikowska), who lives across his building and works as the copy girl in his place of work (it wasn’t clear what the exact timeline of the movie was, but if I’d have to guess, late 70’s). Hannah complain she attracts weirdos. Simon silently agrees with her. Because what Hannah doesn’t know that Simon watches her every night through his telescope. But he doesn’t jacks off. So he’s a romantic creep. 

Jesse Eisenberg's jaw stars in The Double

Jesse Eisenberg’s jaw stars in The Double

One day, a new guy appears in the office who looks exactly like Simon James. And guess what, his name is James Simon. Coincidence?? I don’t know I haven’t read the Dostoyevsky book it’s based from. Maybe it’s clearly explained there. Simon faints upon seeing his equally handsomely jaw lined doppelganger. The jaw line is relevant because there was this one scene where Simon looks on a sleeping James and Simon strokes Jame’s jawline. I am Simon. Since no one really notices poor Simon, no one really sees the similarity in them and then mayhem ensues. 

I didn’t know what to expect from The Double before I decided to watch it other than Jesse Eisenberg’s superb acting. Really, that guy has the makings of an Academy Award winner. Have you seen The Social Network?? You should. 

The Double left me confused…? Although, it was clear what happened. 

Have you seen The Double? What’s your take on this movie? 



  1. I’ve been meaning to watch The Double for a while now; I’m a big fan of Jesse Eisenberg. I think this weekend would be perfect, considering it’s right before school starts again and it’s a long weekend here as well!


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