Happening At Present – Chickens Are Decent Are People

"Catholics, which I was, until I reached the age of reason."

“Catholics, which I was, until I reached the age of reason.”

I don’t know how and when I stumbled upon a YouTube video of George Carlin’s stand up, but I know since then I tried to watch as much of him as I can cram in a night. At present I’m re-watching some of my well loved Carlin stand up. The thing about Carlin is he says the things that I want to say that I can’t quite articulate in a way that it would make sense. And sometimes that’s what set people’s opinion apart. The one’s that make sense and the one’s that doesn’t. 

One of my favorite Carlin jokes was his view on abortion. Abortion is a sensitive subject and if you’re a Filipino raised in the beliefs of Catholicism, it’s wrong. Up until I started being sexually active and up until I actually knew ladies that are sexually active, I didn’t think much of what abortion is. Only thing I know is that it’s killing the unborn and that it’s wrong. But when you’re a 20-year-old college student, who may be the only shot of your family of ever getting out of poverty, who is sexually active and forgot to take a pill that one time, an abortion sounds justifiable. In fact, it may sound like the only option. 

I’ve seen it. I’ve seen it happen to my friends in college who follow different unsafe and insane ways to terminate their pregnancy and what I’m thinking was if only they could have taken enough precautions to prevent the pregnancy in the first place then they won’t have to think of inserting a drug that’s meant to reduce pain and fever up their vagina’s. Because you see, abortion is not only illegal in our country. It’s frowned upon too. But to be fair so is pre-marital sex. But no one knows you’re engaging in pre-marital sex unless you get pregnant. So the result, they don’t say that they will get an abortion and then get it done on back alleys for the price of their tuition fees. 

The question always revolves around, “Is the fetus a human being?” Look, I’m not trying to stir the pot here but I think Carlin has a point in terms of consistency in abortion arguments. View it for yourself. 




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