Happening At Present – Hating The Boss

Bosses really have a way of making their subordinates hate them. You can be the cool guy and then be promoted, suddenly you’re like Comic Sans. People suddenly disassociate themselves from you, afraid to have to make the choice of are you with us or against us. Some bosses make the conscious effort to appear to be just one of the guys which can translate to being a douchebag. Eventually they don’t see the point at caring at all.

So it is a good thing that our boss is commonly hated. We work at a multi-cultural setting (not America) but we are pitching forks to one enemy, exactly like that scene in Beauty & the Beast. Which is pretty cool if you think about it.

I am Gaston

I am Gaston

Before lunch, we spend a good 30 minutes (it’s pretty lenient around here) talking about our boss who comes back tomorrow from a month long vacation. Everyone is kind of dreading it, especially those that have to deal with the guy first hand. I have the luxury of not being talked down to by this guy. I am invisible in this office which is just the way I like it (I make this blog entry in my office computer). 

There really isn’t anything exciting about this story, just a group of people who come from different backgrounds agreeing on one thing and laughing about it. Now, who says we can’t achieve world peace?

Do you hate your boss? Tell me in the comments. 



One comment

  1. I always get this weird neurotic thing when having to take orders from a “boss” where I resent/envy them for being the “boss,” and irritated that I have to be a lowly “employee.”



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