Letters To My Future Self

I thought of writing/blogging down my ideas for the future. I’ve often made lists, endless lists, but I always end up losing said lists and start all over again and sometimes well, they just get abandoned. And since I’m fully committed to making my relationship with this blog work (till a spotty wifi do us part), I guess it’s better I put some of my thoughts/ideas/projects on here. Hopefully someone out there in this WordPress world can tell me how to make thoughts/ideas/projects happen. 

So if you’ll excuse me, I’ll talk to my future self now. 


Dear Future Me,

Hi! Are we ‘Scarlett Johansson hot’ yet? Remember, we either want to be ‘Jennifer Lawrence hot’ or ‘ScarJo hot’. Anyway, your present self is here at work. And you know, or might remember, that we always spend the first 4 hours of our day aimlessly looking at Jennifer Lawrence and Scarlett Johansson pictures on the Internet, wishing we have that kind of body. 

Are you done looking at Internet pictures? Here’s my idea. I want to make a podcast!

Is that still a thing in the future. I’m not sure how soon you’ll be reading this, but I was hoping you can do it by the time we come back or when you leave this place. The idea for the podcast, I don’t know, you come up with that one. It sounds like a good idea for now, to make a podcast. 

Remember how much we love The Nerdist Podcast? Well something like that, only aim lower. But you get the gist. 

Ok. That’s about it for now.

Stay awesome future self!




  1. You should definitely make a podcast, your present self is right! Don’t listen to people who tell you it has to be about a certain subject every episode — it might be a good idea but you don’t have to do that! If you need any help starting your podcast, we will help you definitely, just ask. -john


    1. I’ve always wanted to do a podcast but I don’t know how. And also there is this incredible amount of insecurity that plagues me. Like who would listen to the ramblings of a 27 year old Filipina who grew up in the Middle East who loves foreign, especially American, culture? And I thought, well I would. Haha. Yeah thanks, I will. Do you have any books to recommend in terms of starting a podcast?

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      1. Don’t be intimidated, it’s just like writing a blog only you’re speaking instead of writing! People will listen to your podcast if it’s just about your personal opinions on a topic, or a review of a book, television show or movie.

        It’s easy to overcomplicate the process of podcasting, so I recommend keeping it simple when it comes to learning how to do it. Here’s two simple articles that kind of sum up what you’ll need to podcast:


        Essentially all you have to do is record yourself speaking, upload the MP3 somewhere online, insert the MP3 link into a blog post, then use your blog’s RSS feed to submit your podcast to places like iTunes.

        Nothing to it but to do it! (: -john


      2. Sounds easy enough. I will try and do it in the near future. Thanks so much for the links John. I’m currently listening to the Andrew W.K interview and loving it so far. I think my love for Andrew just went higher with this podcast. But sad that you’re not in this.

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      3. Awesome, make sure to send us the link to your new podcast so we can check it out and tell other people to check it out! And thanks so much for listening to our podcast, I’m glad you like the Andrew W.K. interview! Yeah it was a bummer that I missed the episode, but it made me feel good to have Andrew say, “We hope you get better, John!”

        Another fun thing to do with your podcast is to interview people — I guarantee you could interview Andrew W.K. on your podcast if you wanted to!



      4. Him saying that, genuinely feeling bad for you being sick, that expanded my shrunken heart a size bigger. He’s so…cool.

        Yeah I wish! Maybe once I get the hang of this podcasting business I can even interview you guys!

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      5. I don’t have a Twitter and not active on Facebook. I know it’s reprehensible. I guess once I have an podcast, Twitter would make sense. I plan to be really active on here. WordPress feels safe and welcoming and the support here has been great so updates will be here too.

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