For All Intents And Purposes

I’m constructing this from my phone. Beta testing my WordPress app. As I scroll through and check what each button do, I think again, what was the whole point if this new blog?

I’ve been blogging since I discovered I’ve been writing and posting stuff online for a long time but it seems nothing ever really sticks.

Usually, I seek a purpose for my blog before I even have it set up. The thing is, setting up only takes 30 minutes, sometimes even less. Most of the excitement fades by the time you have to sit down and write your first post. Asking yourself, Now What?!

When I made this blog, I challenged myself not to abandon it. That instead of beating myself and be a blowhard who comes up with a pseudo intellectual post, how about I just talk about myself.

Now that all sounds great in context but my life is not that interesting. But then again, the reason why I lose interest so quickly is that I’m trying so hard to be overly clever to the point where I sound pretentious and disgusting. Readers may not think that way but I know. And sometimes, as an amateur blogger/writer, you’re only reader is yourself.

So screw my uninteresting life! I have great stories to tell! And if it turns it’s not that great, well, it doesn’t make it any less true.

To give my blog a new purpose, I decided to be a little less personal and open up. I’ll write about the past, the present and the scary future.

And if that piques you’re interest, stick around.


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