A Young Doctors Notebook


Casual Dan

Daniel Radcliffe is easily one of my favorite celebrities to date. What is not to like about the guy? Besides playing one of my favorite fictional characters of all time, Daniel has managed to be an exemplary child actor. If you listen to his podcast interview on the Nerdist Network, Daniel attributes his scandal free life from his parents. Can you stop being adorable already?

Harry Potter has been busy lately. His new movie, a RomCom romp with Zoe Kazan, What If, just came out which I found was originally titled The F Word. I have yet to see the movie, but I heard it’s about the tragedies of being friendzoned. And on Halloween 2014, the movie adaptation of Joe Hill’s book Horns will come out that, I’m super excited to see! There is one particular part in the book where Daniel’s character Ig, has to wear a skirt and a sock for his genitals (spoiler alert!). I am looking forward to see if that’s going to happen. 

What I’ve been immersing to lately, Daniel Radcliffe related, is the series A Young Doctors Notebook, where he plays a young Jon Hamm *squeals*. Both play the doctor Dr. Vladimir Bomgard – which funnily enough is not mentioned in the credits (Jon Hamm is credited as the Older Doctor and Daniel Radcliffe as the Young Doctor). Jon recollects events from his younger years with the aid of his notebook which he wrote during his days in a remote town in Russia. 


Younger version Dan, a recent graduate from the finest medical school in Moscow – top of his class, was sent or more likely, exiled, to a remote facility in a middle of nowhere village, where it won’t stop snowing. The show is a dark comedy. An apt distinction given that it is really dark – at one point he amputates on a little girls leg inflicted with stage 3 syphilis with a blunt saw all the time asking his nurse if the girl is still alive – and because of the Young Doctors unfamiliarity with most of the medical scenarios he has to deal with, hilarity ensues – in a bout of confidence he performs a tooth extraction without his nurse’s assistance and ended up removing part of the poor guys jaw. 


Syphilis: Classic comedy

Least to say it is not for the squeamish. 


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