My name is Dora. I’d like to say that this blog would be interesting for you but I don’t want to start our relationship with a lie. What I can promise you are blabberings of a person who is at work but is not doing any actual work but definitely acts like she’s doing real work (<- should this be the title of my blog? More on that later).

I had a dream. I don’t remember most of it but what I do remember is that I am famous and my fans are praying for a biography/memoir ala Bossypants (in the dream I was tagged as “The Next Tina Fey”). And in the dream – and sometimes also in reality – the only flaw of my pristine personality is my faulty memory. Like I’m a leading lady in an Adam Sandler movie (you know the one). I somehow forget all the things that happened to me in the course of the day and wake up to a blank slate and that’s the reason for my unostentatious ways – What? I won a Primetime Emmy? – I woke up saying, “I don’t want to ever forget that I won an Emmy!”

So here I am. Trying to pull together a mish mash of bullshit that only I can enjoy. But just imagine if that dream actually came true? Emmy and all? *shudder* So I’m making an ‘effort’ to write down stuff about my ‘life’. I’m not going to let amnesia get in the way of my being a famous jerk an inspiring celebrity.

What can I say about me? Umm, my name is Dora. Not my actual name but it’s a name that sticked for a long time. Exact origin of this name is unknown (faulty memory) but if I’d have to guess, it’s probably because I’ve sported a Dora-like haircut, you know bangs in the front and a bob, until I was in High School. No. I don’t have any pictures, thank god.

As I type this, I am 27, working at some mediocre job with a mediocre salary. But it’s all good, at least it’s not as taxing as my previous job. For the past 2 years I have been living with my parents, here in Bahrain. Bahrain is like that friend that you don’t necessarily want to hang out with, because he’s not that fun to be with, but when he’s the last option you try to have fun anyway. Good ‘ol reliable Bahrain. The place where my parents have been living and working for the last 25 years. The place where I grew up and tolerated for 9 years of my short lived life. The place I tried to avoid going back to but also grateful I decided to go back to. The place I’ve been dying to leave but can’t yet because it’s comfortable for now but damn! is it lonely out here.

You can expect ramblings, personal encounters, the every now and then posts of my interests, etc. from this blog. Actually, scratch that bs. Expect nothing from this blog, because knowing this butterfly like mind of mine, this may turn out to be just another abandoned hole in the wall that I sometimes creep up to for privacy. Or maybe I’ll stick to this for good. I can change!

It’s 11:37 am. I haven’t done any actual work to show for yet.


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